TMS RoundTable
TMS RoundTable

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TMS RoundTable

with Dr Tovah Goldfine &
Rose Hoey ISTDP Psychotherapist

The impact of Covid-19 on planet earth in 2020/21 has been devastating socially, economically and emotionally. No corner of the globe has been left untouched by its tragedy, uniting human beings by their collective experience and calling on the ingenuity and compassion of the human race to work together to find a way out of the chaos and darkness. 

Never has the power of authentic communication been more important.

With this in mind Dr. Tovah Goldfine and Rose Hoey saw the opportunity to build bridges between continents, embracing all the possibilities of the world wide web, to create a safe space to explore their own passion regarding Mind/Body medicine.


The TMS Roundtable was born.


Each week health professionals and advocates of Dr John E. Sarno join their hosts to highlight the relevance of his understanding of the emotional component of physical dis-ease. The result is an educational melting pot of light and positivity, with practical signposts for a richer more balanced human experience for the participant.

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Gayle Kirschenbaum, Film Producer and Director of "Look at Us NOW, Mother!"

"Rose and Tovah are a dynamic team who have come together from different parts of the world. They bring to their audience outstanding guests who can share their own knowledge and experience of healing. 

I was thrilled when they found me through my TED talk and honoured to be included on their show where I was able to discuss the power of forgiveness. I highly recommend tuning into their facebook live show."

Jon Frederickson.jpg

John Fredrickson, MSW, Author of "The Lies We Tell Ourselves"

"Dear Rose and Tovah,

Thank you for your kind invitation to appear on your podcast yesterday. It was good fun and I hope it is useful for your audience. It was an interesting format, responding to text questions, and the questions were rich and enriching to the dialogue.

Thanks again.

Warm wishes,


Michael Galinsky

Michael Galinsky, Film Director and Star of
"All the Rage"

"Having travelled to both Australia and Israel to screen the film with them we have had the opportunity to forge strong connections. I am grateful for the work that they do. It's exciting to watch this page take off and grow with such ecstatic energy.

We, as the filmmakers behind "All The Rage (Saved by Sarno)" are very pleased to be a part of the TMS RoundTable family.

We have worked closely with Rose and Tovah for many years and have witnessed how profoundly committed they are to helping people to heal."

Amir Zivony

Amir Zivony MD, Family Physician and TMS Doctor

"I know Dr. Tovah and Rose from participating in the TMS Roundtable project. Dr. Tovah is a very experienced chiropractor who works through mindbody approach. I was impressed from her wide knowledge and her enthusiasm about this not-spoken-enough field. She combines both bottom-up and top-down approaches for best results in treating chronic pain.  Rose brings her clinical experience as a registered nurse to the field of psychotherapy. She has a "good eye" for diagnosing the emotional triggers for physical pain and she uses advanced bodily-directed psychotherapeutic techniques to cure chronic pain.

Together Dr. Tovah and Rose bring the most up-to-date scientific approaches to treat and cure chronic pain from different perspectives.

I recommend listen and read what they have to say, or even better - try them yourselves." 

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