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6-Week Group Therapy Process

Our 6-week group process will see you take your healing as a project with a group of like-minded individuals in a focused, powerful and surgical therapy process focused on making you feel better & overcome your symptoms.

The body weeps the tears the eyes never shed

In this process, you will...

Learn how to self-regulate your moods and dissect threatening experiences into tools for emotional growth & healing

Get insights to your inner workings and understand the meaning behind your pain and symptoms

Become aware of how past traumas and patterns create stress unknowingly in your life and break free of old habits that recreate your pain and illness

Your pain or symptoms are important messangers to unresolved trauma and mis-managed stress. Together we can break down exactly what happens within you, and work towards healing and feeling better.

Your Guides For 
The Process

Rose Hoey

Dr. Tovah Goldfine

ISTDP Psychotherapist,



Rose Hoey RN, RM. is a Registered Nurse and Midwife, who has been treating patients with Chronic Pain and Chronic Health issues directly for over 12 years using a predominantly ISTDP (Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy) approach. Rose continues her exposure to somatic training by attending annual ongoing education with Dr Allan Abbass MD, Jon Frederickson MSW, Patricia Coughlain PhD, and other leaders in the field of evidence-based (RTC) mind body approach to healing.

Orian Tal

Psychotherapy Postgrad & Recovering TMSer


Orian holds a B.A in behavioural studies & psychology and is currently pursuing postgraduate studies in Existential Psychotherapy. Orian has worked through his own TMS and has gained a lot of insights into TMS healing.

Dr. Tovah Goldfine, a Doctor of Chiropractic and Rehabilitation, has been helping patients with TMS, chronic pain, stress illness and autoimmune disorders. 

After 35 years, she continues to treat the individual, not the disease. Dr. Tovah combines the science and the art of the human body and mind to guide in the healing process.

D.C of Chiropractic and

Mindbody Specialist

A Few Words From Us
on What to Expect:

What is Included?

Complimentary consult & screening session to get to know you and make sure you can benefit from this group process

Evidence-based, proven instructions and guidance on understanding mindbody illnesses and chronic pain

Private Facebook Group for questions and discussions that might arise throughout the process

6 recorded sessions that can be referred back to at anytime to freshen up on material

Off-session support with TMSRoundtable team on Emails/Whatsapp

Meeting Schedule

Dates: Wednesdays (March/April TBA)

Time: 07:00 AM (GMT)

18:00 PM (Australia time [Canberra])

Meetings are 90 minutes long
and personal time is on our top of mind


60 USD per Meeting

(360 USD for all 6 meetings)

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