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The Hosts

Dr Tovah Goldfine

Dr Tovah Goldfine

Rose Hoey

Rose Hoey

Dr Tovah Goldfine and Rose Hoey met through their mutual friend Michael Galinsky. They both were instrumental in the Dr John Sarno documentary that was to be previewed  in their countries (Israel and Australia) They joined together as professionals in the world of MindBody Therapy; to educate, assist through social media and offer private therapy with the goal to help as many chronic pain patients as they could. 


Through the auspices of Michael Galinsky Filmmaker, Producer of ‘All The Rage: Saved by Sarno’ we set up the Facebook page and weekly live stream “TMS RoundTable.”  

Here we share with our growing community, methods and tools to meet Chronic Pain and find the Doctor within YOU. 


What makes Rose and Tovah work so well together is that they understand every patient is different and everyone’s pain is individual and this is the authentic approach they take.

Dr Tovah and Rose work collaboratively, or individually, depending on the patients needs. 

Dr Tovah

Meet Dr Tovah Goldfine

Dr Tovah is licensed and qualified to diagnose whether you have TMS or not. Please contact her below 

Dr Tovah has been a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic and Rehabilitation  for 35 years. In those years, she has helped thousands of individuals move out of  back and neck pain... and into their life.

She has taught all types of exercise classes in the water and on land; Dr Tovah stands firm on the "no negotiation" rule about regular exercise for how long... the rest of your life!!!

Though like Dr John Sarno, Dr Tovah began to see more chronic pain patients and wonder why some patients got better after treatment and others did not improve.This question propelled her to investigate the mind-body connection. 

Dr Tovah continues to self study, learn and teach the principles of the TMS principles. She mentors and studies with her colleagues Dr Howard Schubiner, Dr David Schechter and Dr David Hanscom. 


  With this knowledge Dr Tovah incorporates the science and art of various chronic pain treatments. She is helping patients with Psychophysiologic Disorders, Stress Illness, autoimmune disease and childhood/ adult traumas from the timeline of their lives.


She devotes her professional career to "guiding, teaching and handing over the responsibility" of healing to her clients and patients.  

Both locally and on Zoom with Teletherapy, Dr Tovah's teaches about

"The Doctor and Psychologist Within"   

In the north of Israel, 10 minute from the Mediterranean Sea, she also has a small home practice where she treats with gentle Chiropractic treatment and supports her clients with regular fitness programs.

Dr Tovah is licensed and qualified to diagnose whether you have TMS or not. Please contact her below 

Meet Dr Tovah Goldfine

Meet Rose Hoey RN RM, ISDTP Psychotherapist

Rose has been in Healthcare  all her adult life, General Nursing, Midwifery, Mental Health.

She was introduced to (ISTDP) Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy in 2008, She  had been trained in a number of other modalities, which  target the mind, the difference with  ISTDP is that it targets the emotions that are directing the mind. To get to the source of DIS-EASE.


Rose found a new way of helping patients, recognize their anxiety, and defeat their self limiting beliefs and overcome their resistance to change in a way  that she had never imagined possible without ISTDP.


In the 1960’s Dr Habib Davenloo, from McGill University, Montreal developed a short term therapy to recognize anxiety and defenses and undo the painful consequences of holding on to them.

On completing core training in ISTDP, Rose continued on to advanced training in ISTDP.

Rose have attended conferences and immersions with Dr Davenloo,  Dr Allan Abbass, Jon Frederickson, Patricia Coughlain and others, in Canada, US, Norway, Sweden and Australia.


Rose treats patients with all types of TMS symptoms, along with other issues which are often together with TMS, like  depression, grief, relationship issues, work issues, self esteem, etc. 

Rose Hoey
Meet Rose Hoei
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