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You're Not Broken,
You Are Complete As You Are

We have found that by using a cognitive approach (the mind) with an emotional approach (the heart) our participants can reach a deeper understanding of how as, Gabor Mate says “The disconnect from our true selves is so subtle it goes unnoticed” since  this can happen long before the memory to recall adverse incidents in childhood. 


It is through Compassionate inquiry that YOU can get back to YOUR true loving self. And be pain free! Maybe for the first time in your memory!

This is what a COMPASSIONATE
Approach Looks Like

WITH compassionate enquiry, you will be asked to stop and check in with yourself. Did you notice? Would you like to do a body scan?  What do you think your feelings are…? We will help you link previous patterns of self neglect with the current issue you are experiencing.


 In this way you can observe how you have neglected your feelings, AND enable you to open up to a self compassionate stance to your life.


We will help you notice your anxiety, and quietly point out the defenses you had to put in place to feel safe. We will help you gently uncouple them so you will have inner freedom and not need pain to keep you on guard.

You Will Find
The COGNITIVE Approach

 Is usually your preferred way of interacting, which has helped you to maintain your constant vigilance.. (the thinking approach) 

We can help you move to a more sensory model of living, with kindness and sensitivity  to yourself. When the old feeling of needing to be good or the best, comes over you you will remember the care we gave you and you will start modeling that in your own life with your loved ones. - Your true self will shine

The EMOTIONAL Approach 

will not be your  preferred way of interacting, it did not pay off very well in your earlier life, and you were left with the understanding that you were the problem.


 At first it will  feel unsafe, then as the truth dawns on you  it becomes the longed for way of interacting, the way that was neglected and split off long ago.


These  feelings were cut off to enable you to be accepted within your family system and not disrupt or be noticed by your caregivers.  This  deeply  emotional  area  of your life  has been neglected and split off from the thinking mind, which it did to try and protect you from distress in the past. 


Now the pain is calling you out to change, to grow to be able to say no when appropriate and yes when something is right for you.

We hope that you will find the information you have been searching for here on this site; if we can offer any more information and help, please leave a message in the chat.

 Do you think these are the areas of your life that need reconciliation?

 We work with you to regain and explore that area of your LIFE that has been blotted out, often completely, and be reconciled to your past.


“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space lies our power to choose our  response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

Man's Search for Meaning    
Victor E. Frankl  

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