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TMS RoundTable April Guests April 5/6* Dr Dan Ratner, Psychologist, Host of "Crushing Doubt" (Do you crush the doubt, or does doubt crush you?) April 12/13* Marvan Skorman, MA, LMHC “Not Facing Painful Feelings Creates Even More Pain” April 19/20* Tzippy Moss,Psychotherapist and Author, "How Nature heals Chronic Pain" April 26/27* Gili Bat Shelomo,Cancer Survivor "How your inner child becomes your healer" * Australian Time


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Watch the trailer below and sign up for the movie using this promo code.



I’m reaching out to invite you to a live virtual screening of This Might Hurt. An official selection of the Austin Film Festival, This Might Hurt is a documentary that follows Dr. Howard Schubiner as he works with several chronic pain patients using a new, science-based treatment for calming the nervous system and unlearning pain.

There will be an interactive live Q&A immediately following the screenings.

THIS MIGHT HURT: Live Virtual Screening with Q&A with Dr. Schubiner,

and directors Kent Bassett and Marion Cunningham.

April 11, 12 pm Eastern United States Time

Watch the trailer and sign up for the screening here.

Use promo code TMSROUNDTABLE for a 20% discount

This program will broadcast live at 12PM EST. You will not be able to pause or rewind. If you join late, you will miss the program.

check your local time


It is a joy to be hidden but disaster not to be found.” “Here is a picture of a child establishing a private self that is not communicating, and at the same time wanting to communicate and to be found. It is a sophisticated game of hide-and-seek in which it is a joy to be hidden but disaster not to be found.” ― Donald Winnicott,


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Update on TMS RoundTable programs

The Presence Process

We are into our second week

"I recognize my Reflections and Projections"

looking at how we often react rather than respond to difficult situations.

If you are interested in taking part in the next 10 week program


Complimentary Consultation

Tips from Dr Tovah...Healthy, Strong and Flexible Body


It is important to slowly get back to regular execise with self compassion and trust that you will be okay.

Many of us know how this plays out with chronic pain and fear of moving.

Most times when I work with chronic pain patients; small amounts of moderate movement is just what the muscles, joints and entire body need.

Guided by a qualified health professional is the best thing you can do to get back to a much needed routine of movement.

Exercise is the most natural anti-depressant and can contribute so much to a stagnant lifestyle

There are many ways to start...

Please Get in Touch....

Find Out More


Insights from Rose

Anxiety Pathways.

In the self help literature there is little mention of anxiety and how it shows up in Striated Muscle-eg. Fibromyalgia, back pain, muscle tension, chest pain.

Smooth Muscle eg. stomach issues, constipation IBS diarrhoea, respiratory problems migranes etc.

Or Cognitive Perceptual Disruption which is experienced by fainting, blurred vision, hearing issues, difficulties thinking, loosing track of thoughts.

So why am I experiencing anxiety?

Anxiety is triggered by unconscious emotions, (feeling that have not reached conscious awareness).

Anxiety is triggered by something going on inside/internally you.

It is different to fear which is triggered by an external threat.

We then experience defenses to ward off the anxiety.

Working with your therapist you will begin to recognise these anxiety pathways and the defenses that are triggered when a feeling is supressed.


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