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Dissatisfaction with the Way Things Are!

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Much of the time, the distress we experience in our lives arises out of our dissatisfaction with the way things are. Our jobs, our relationships, our thoughts, our feelings....and ourselves.

Some of the ways we cope with this dissatisfaction are conscious but some are unconscious, they occur without us ever realising how unhappy we are.

Many of the strategies we use to cope with unhappiness can creat more pain. When the pain becomes unmanageable we can find ourselves becoming anxious, depressed, angry, or just plain unhappy.

A great deal of this pain is rooted in our uncomfortability with, and avoidance of painful feelings.Healing is a process of owning and integrating all of our feelings and letting go of our unnecessagy defensive ways of relating.

This process may not happen overnight, but the steady awareness of how anxiety and defenses do not enhance our lives and create dissatisfaction in our relationships, job, thoughts and feelings.

From Teshin Matthew Sweger guest on TMS RoundTable

# fibromyalgia

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