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Happy New Year!

What is your New Years resolution for 2021?

Each year we proclaim we have a new resolution to go with the New Year? Like a new coat? Does New Year bring the idea that we will change our old ways if we have resolutions?

(My take on this matter is that resolutions are made to be broken. Just one persons take on resolutions).

There is no way we will change without a strong reason to do so. Take for example a self depreciating attitude, "I am always this way, this is who I am". "My pain will always be with me"

If life has given you reason to be self depreciating, I doubt that it will be any different on New Years day. When we can recognise the perceived benefit that self depreciation gave us, then the old way will be thrown out of our system without a backward glance.

On examining the perceived benefit and finding that it no longer serves its original purpose, which could easily have been to keep us from being noticed by someone we found to be unpredictable, we can it go, we dont need a resolution to free us!

With a better understanding of ourselves, the fear of change, of being noticed is no longer there to haunt our relationships, our self esteem, our working life, our health etc., instead we can build healthy relationships, have freedom from anxiety and stress, achieve better sleeping patterns, self conficence, a resilient attitude to lifes struggles.

With a better understanding of ourselves, our pain is no longer needed to call us back to our feelings, we no longer think about feelings, but feel the feelings in the body at last. No need for angry outbursts, or trying to explain ourselves.

Its easy to make these suggestions, but most of us need a guide to help us see and understand our old patterns of how we experience the world and our relationships. That why Dr Tovah and I, (Rose) have developed an 8 week program, to support you in your journey to good health and happiness.

The eight (8) program consists of weekly meeting with each of us seperately, where we bring our different mindbody approaches to enhance your recovery.

Dr Tovah Goldfine, a specialist rehabilitation doctor and Chiropractor. Rose Hoey, Registered Nurse, and ISTDP Psychotherapist have both may years experience in the healtcare system, and have heard the multiple diagnosis that patients receive from their healthcare providers, who have not paused to ask their patient "What else has been happening in your life".

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