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"Okay, so I have TMS, WHAT NOW?"

Many of us are on our healing journey and know that it is exactly that; a healing process that will continue, hopefully in a forward motion, as long as we are on this life train.

It is also true that we all heal differently; what will work for one will not work for another.

There are a few truths that remain true across the spectrum of the healing approaches in the psychosomatic, mind-body healing world.

TRUTH #1 Implement

Implement daily what you have learned from your healing process - daily in your life, leaving no room for negotiation.

You can trust that your emotional and mental health is as important as your automatic habit of brushing your teeth each morning.

TRUTH #2 Apply and Integrate

Apply and Integrate daily what you have learned from your healing......daily in your life, leaving no room for negotiation.

Did I mention our automatic behavior, no need to think twice, of getting up each morning to brush our teeth?

TRUTH #3 Managing Feelings & Emotions


We all want to learn the fast track, in the mail, overnight express, how to feel our feelings and not think them. Together we must "relearn, retrain, reframe, reconnect and respond". We are human beings and need to relearn how to just BE.

Integrating and healing our past traumas is done through accepting our present moment experience, then becoming whole and healthy like children.... this is each and everyone's birthright.

Self-healing, self accept, self-care and self-love come from the inside..... and we become better at "feeling rather than feeling better" (Michael Brown).

The Presence Process 10-week program, combined with ISTDP and the TMS healing principles accelerates the healing of psychosomatic symptoms and conditions.

Rose and Tovah have a combined 65 years of experience in guiding individuals out of chronic pain, stress, and anxiety.

We do this with ISTDP (Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy), and TMS healing principles combined with Michael Brown's 10-week Presence Process Program.


No one gets left behind!

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