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Psychosomatic Pain, Feel and Heal

The late Dr. John Sarno talked a lot about repressed feelings and helped millions of individuals get out of pain and into their life. He said that there would be a certain percentage of depressed patients with lower back pain that would need some type of counselling, coaching or psychotherapy to help them connect with their feelings.

What can occur with most psychosomatic patients is a lack of awareness and a clear understanding of the repressed feelings and the pain that occurs.

TMS, Tension Myoneural Syndrome is the name that was coined by Dr. John Sarno.

This is a really nice explanation for TMS.

Feel free to contact us and we can chat about it.

The eight (8) program consists of weekly meeting with each of us seperately, where we bring our different mindbody approaches to enhance your recovery.

This journey is best accomplisher with the support of two healthcare professionals, who are both aware of the long journey you have been on to find the right people who will understand your TMS and work with you to be free.

Dr Tovah Goldfine, a specialist rehabilitation doctor and Chiropractor. Rose Hoey, Registered Nurse, and ISTDP Psychotherapist have both may years experience in the healtcare system, and have heard the multiple diagnosis that patients receive from their healthcare providers, who ave not paused to ask their patient what has been happening in your life.

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