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What is the Connection between Low Back Pain and Depression?

Let us look at this in a positive light. Both are a sign from the body that something is wrong and the body needs attention. One is a physical symptom and the other is an emotional or psychological symptom.

Each can cause the other, low back pain can cause depression and depression can cause low back pain. Dr. John Sarno's message is that the mind and the body are intimately connected. Stress-induced anxiety or psychosomatic symptoms will cause depression and Chronic Pain/TMS (Tension Myoneural Syndrome).

Dr. John Sarno has proven over and over the relationship between chronic pain anxiety and depression.

It may be difficult for many people to recognize and release the symptoms on their own. Dr. Sarno provided a series of talks to explain the correlation and for those who found it difficult to integrate the teaching he advised them to get support and ISTDP psychotherapy. If you find that your symptoms persist, we as health coaches and therapists are here for you.

This journey is best accomplisher with the support of two healthcare professionals, who are both aware of the long journey you have been on to find the right people who will understand your TMS and work with you to be free.

We offer an eight (8) program consists of weekly meeting with each of us seperately, where we bring our different mindbody approaches to enhance your recovery.

Dr Tovah Goldfine, a specialist rehabilitation doctor and Chiropractor. Rose Hoey, Registered Nurse, and ISTDP Psychotherapist have both may years experience in the healtcare system, and have heard the multiple diagnosis that patients receive from their healthcare providers, who ave not paused to ask their patient what has been happening in your life.

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