The Discussion

The TMS Roundtable will talk about why these modalities have never improved your symptoms and why we can help you with the emotional and the physical dis-ease

Pain Management Clinics

Surgery, Cortisone injections

Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Myotherapy, Physical Therapy

Treatments, Pilates, Massage, Cupping

Alternative Medicine

Multiple types of pharmaceutical medication

Cognitive Talk Therapy (CBT)

Mind/Body Programs with minimal or short term relief

The Emotional

The Emotional

A few examples are:

ANXIETY, panic attack, Difficulty thinking, TIGHT STOMACH/BUTTERFLIES, Loss of reality testing, IMPULSIVE ACTIONS, Increased heart rate without strenuous exercise, Losing track of thoughts/ feeling vague Sighing, Losing concentration, BLANKING OUT, Derealization, DISRUPTED SLEEP/ INSOMNIA, AMNESIA/OCD/DEPRESSION, Shakiness

There are many more . . .


The Physical

A few examples are:

VULVODYNIA/ PELVIC PAIN/ DYSPAREUNIA, Fragmented sense of self exhaustion,  CHEMICAL SENSITIVITIES, Occipital/ Trigeminal Neuralgia, ANKLE/ KNEE/ FOOT/ HIP PAIN,  Back/neck/shoulder pain,  BLUSHING,  Irritable bowel syndrome, BULGING DISCS, Hot flashes or chills, GAS PAIN, Spinal Stenosis,  SENSATION OF PINS & NEEDLES, Cold hands & fingers, NERVE DAMAGE, Tic disorders,  BUTTERFLIES IN STOMACH, Arthritis,EXCESSIVESWEATING, Migraine, DIZZINESS,DIARRHEA/CONSTIPATION, Interstitial cystitis/ frequency  FIBROMYALGIA/ PAIN & ACHES, Nausea/ reflux,RASHES/ HIVES,  DRY THROAT,  MUSCLE TENSION, Choking sensation, Difficulty breathing, DIFFICULTY SWALLOWING, Derealization, DISRUPTED SLEEP/ INSOMNIA, Impotence/premature ejaculation erectile  dysfunction.


There are many more . . .​​

The Physical