At TMS Roundtable, we treat the Root Cause of Psychosomatic Symptoms

You Have Searched Everywhere!

  • Pain Management Clinics

  • Surgery, Cortisone injections

  • Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Myotherapy, Physical Therapy

  • Treatments, Pilates, Massage, Cupping

  • Alternative Medicine

  • Multiple types of pharmaceutical medication

  • Cognitive Talk Therapy (CBT)

  • Mind/Body Programs with minimal or short term relief


Are you aware that an Emotional/Internal Focus will heal chronic pain?

Research is showing that a surgical/medical/CBT model is not as successful.

Here's are some words from people who found!

“ I want to thank you from my heart for accompanying me on my way. In a short time I have experienced a deep understanding of why my issues have caused my pain. I am so relieved to be free at last.”   


“ Thank you, for helping me see that there was nothing wrong with me, I know who I really am at last”


Are You Experiencing One or More Symptoms?

ANXIETY  Headache/MigraineDIZZINESS, Chest pains/panic attack, DIARRHEA/CONSTIPATION,  Difficulty thinkingTIGHT STOMACH/BUTTERFLIES, Interstitial cystitis/ frequency Loss of reality testingFIBROMYALGIA/ PAIN & ACHES, Nausea/ refluxIMPULSIVE ACTIONS, Increased heart rate without strenuous exerciseRASHES/ HIVES, Losing track of thoughts/ feeling vague SighingDRY THROAT, Losing concentration, MUSCLE TENSION, Choking sensationBLANKING OUT, Difficulty breathingDIFFICULTY SWALLOWING, DerealizationDISRUPTED SLEEP/ INSOMNIA, Impotence/premature ejaculation erectile  dysfunction,  AMNESIA/OCD/DEPRESSION,  ShakinessVULVODYNIA/ PELVIC PAIN/ DYSPAREUNIA, Fragmented sense of self exhaustionCHEMICAL SENSITIVITIES, Occipital/ Trigeminal NeuralgiaANKLE/ KNEE/ FOOT/ HIP PAIN,  Back/neck/shoulder painBLUSHING,  Irritable bowel syndromeBULGING DISCS, Hot flashes or chillsGAS PAIN, Spinal StenosisSENSATION OF PINS & NEEDLES, Cold hands & fingersNERVE DAMAGE, Tic disordersBUTTERFLIES IN STOMACH, ArthritisEXCESSIVE SWEATING