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At TMS RoundTable, we treat the
Root Cause of Psychosomatic Symptoms

You Have
Searched Everywhere!

  • Pain Management Clinics

  • Surgery, Cortisone injections

  • Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Myotherapy, Physical Therapy

  • Treatments, Pilates, Massage, Cupping

  • Alternative Medicine

  • Multiple types of pharmaceutical medication

  • Cognitive Talk Therapy (CBT)

  • Mind/Body Programs with minimal or short term relief

we treat the Root Cause of Psychosomatic Symptoms

Are you aware that an Emotional/Internal Focus will heal chronic pain?

Research is showing that a surgical/medical/CBT model is not as successful.

Here's are some words from people who found!

“ I want to thank you from my heart for accompanying me on my way. In a short time I have experienced a deep understanding of why my issues have caused my pain. I am so relieved to be free at last.”   


Are You Experiencing One or More Symptoms?

ANXIETY  Headache/MigraineDIZZINESS, Chest pains/panic attack, DIARRHEA/CONSTIPATION,  Difficulty thinking, TIGHT STOMACH/BUTTERFLIES, Interstitial cystitis/ frequency Loss of reality testingFIBROMYALGIA/ PAIN & ACHES, Nausea/ refluxIMPULSIVE ACTIONS, Increased heart rate without strenuous exerciseRASHES/ HIVES, Losing track of thoughts/ feeling vague SighingDRY THROAT, Losing concentration, MUSCLE TENSION, Choking sensationBLANKING OUT, Difficulty breathingDIFFICULTY SWALLOWING, DerealizationDISRUPTED SLEEP/ INSOMNIA, Impotence/premature ejaculation erectile  dysfunctionAMNESIA/OCD/DEPRESSION,  ShakinessVULVODYNIA/ PELVIC PAIN/ DYSPAREUNIA, Fragmented sense of self exhaustionCHEMICAL SENSITIVITIES, Occipital/ Trigeminal Neuralgia, ANKLE/ KNEE/ FOOT/ HIP PAIN,  Back/neck/shoulder painBLUSHING,  Irritable bowel syndrome, BULGING DISCS, Hot flashes or chills, GAS PAIN, Spinal Stenosis,  SENSATION OF PINS & NEEDLES, Cold hands & fingers, NERVE DAMAGE, Tic disorders,  BUTTERFLIES IN STOMACH, Arthritis,  EXCESSIVE SWEATING


Here's are some words
from people who found us!

I have only listened to one roundtable so far, but I am impressed enough to take the time to review.

I really enjoyed the energy between all the commentators, their sharing of their knowledge, expertise, and personal experiences; but what was most striking to me was the humility that the subject and experiences where shared and expounded with.

Each commentator (especially doctor Tovah) was relatable and humble, despite the years they have been studying, the degrees they have amassed, and the obvious wisdom they have to impart.

These are rare qualities to have in this day and age of social media obsession and I respect them all the more for being so authentic, gentle and reachable




I will start by expressing my complete gratitude for these two beautiful souls who are so professional, passionate and completely dedicated to bringing mind body healing to their patients. I know first hand after I started therapy with them almost a year ago. From the first session, I have never been more thankful for the work and commitment on both parties, as it takes work from both sides to heal. This wonderful healing journey that has allowed me to see the light of day again. My husband was so impressed he said he would have paid double for the difference it made not only the impact on my life but that of my loved ones around me. Anyone, thinking of working with the ladies to assist them in their healing any words I have would not speak highly enough nor do them justice as the healing is within my soul. Thanks Tovah and Rose. Kindest regards.




Dr. Sarno and TMS is all new to me. This started a few months ago with some shoulder pain that led to a debilitating frozen shoulder, non-functioning arm, neck pain, and a trip to the ER. If it wasn't for the Physical Therapist and ER doctor both mentioning that some of my pains couldn't be coming from my neck, like side of head and one leg, I may have not thought to google for info on suppressed emotions causing nerve pain. That's when I found Dr. Sarno. I started reading Divided Mind and listening to Healing from Back Pain on YouTube. Yesterday morning, I was in excruciating pain that was even starting on the other arm. Ironically, when first looking into all of this...the pain got worse, but after finishing the audio book and filling a few digital pages with journaling, the pain finally started to reduce. I realize I need to be patient with myself and find support moving forward. That's when I discovered this FB page. Thank you for making these videos and providing this space for connection. This information really sense makes me and feels like I'm finally looking in the right place.




This is a terrific and supportive forum to learn new ways to understand your pain. Just what our generation needs. 



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